Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Daytona Gold Watches

replica rolex daytona
replica rolex daytona

In 2016, with its unique shape and superior internal, Rolex steel black ceramic bezel Daytona Hung up the appetite of the watch lovers, and became one of the most influential timepieces of the year. The store is in short supply and has been out of stock. Customers have to wait a long time in the store to order standards, which shows the extent of their fiery. In 2017, Rolex Daytona 18ct Gold, 18CT White Gold and 18ct Perpetual Rose Gold, The three new precious metal timepieces blend the high tech with the extraordinary aesthetics, and pay tribute to the remarkable tradition of the legendary Chronograph Watch. The bezel adopted again the design of black ceramic. The design was inspired by the 1965 edition of the black resin glass outer bezel, adding charm to the three new timepieces. Today, I’d like to introduce the 18ct Gold version to you. (watch version: 116518LN)

The Rolex Daytona Chronometer was born in 1963. At that time, it was not called Daytona at the beginning of its launching. Just in time for the opening of the United States beach race, so the watch was selected to  join in the competition of designated timing instrument for the race, and was finally selected with excellent results. Daytona has also become the name of this excellent timepiece and came down from that time. After 54 years, it still maintained the classic design of the year. It combines Rolex’s consistent style of good quality, the traditional classics and modern aesthetics, as well as the good practicability to create the shining Rolex Perpetual Oyster Daytona Chronometer Gold.

In addition, the brand uses PVD coating technology to display a layer of 18ct gold film on the bezel display numbers and marks, making the speed information of the outer bezel can be displayed more clearly and directly. Cerachrom word ring forming, the use of Rolex patented technology development. Cerachrom word bezel was made by Rolex patent technology.

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